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Since ocean and climate systems unite us all, they form an heritage of humanity. To organize this interdependence requires an alternative to the “Market” or the “State”. We propose as a third way an accounting system both fair and reciprocal, which allows for collective action.
7 Steps
for a green and human economy

#7 Earth Condominium

Earth Condominium

The possibility of a 3rd way

#1 A common metric of nature

A common metric of nature

Measuring ecological services.

#2 Common value

Common value

Each equal benefit should correspond with an equal value

#3 Natural Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Natural Intangible Heritage of Humanity

The global natural systems unite us all

#4 EcoBalance


An accounting system based on fairness and reciprocity

#5 Fiscal environmental reform

Fiscal environmental reform

Different uses, different contributions and incentives

#6 World Environmental Organisation

World Environmental Organisation

About the EcoBalance

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